Legal Aid

Golden Knot Legal Aid

Legal AidLife's eventualities can be so devastating with far reaching consequences. What may start as a simple matter might end up creating civil or criminal litigation, such situations are inevitable that one can never say never. In most cases when they occur one is less prepared to deal with them financially. In short we bridge the gap and ensure that every citizen’s right to legal representation as enshrined in the constitution is guaranteed.

Legal Aid

We have a comprehensive selection of policies to suit everyone with different premiums and different cover ranges.

Individual Package

It covers the policy holder and his/her dependants, and two cases only can be claimed in a year. It encompasses all schemes as per client’s choice on premium.

Family Package

Covers all schemes, the policy holder can include his spouse and five children below the age of 21, dependants can also be included. Only two case can be claimed per year.

Company Package

It encompasses five schemes differentiated by cover limits per annum and not per case. Companies can claims many times as they can as long as they are within the cover limit.